Busy Manchester

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Manchester is one of the biggest and richest cities in England. It is known for being a host to several bands and artists throughout the year and is also host to history lessons in the city’s famous museums. Manchester also has the world’s oldest public library and much more to offer.

Manchester’s Warehouse project is a must do if you love clubbing. Its duration is 12 weeks from September to December and ends in an epic finale on New Year’s Day. Tickets cost around 30 euros and run out fast.

While at Manchester you should also carry around a camera as many shows and movies including: Hell Is A City, A Taste of Honey, Pride and Prejudice, Sherlock Holmes, and Captain America have all shot scenes in Manchester so you will find familiar areas, just make sure to take a picture and not dismiss it as déjà vu.

Manchester also has some great coffee shops. It feels strange talking about coffee rather than tea in an English city but it’s true. Coffee is great in Manchester and you can enjoy it in the early morning as you take in the city and watch people pass by.

The Manchester Museum is a host to over 16,000 Egyptian artifacts especially mummies. It has 20 mummies that came from Luxor and all of them were scanned in 2012 using the latest technology available. This can be great as it gives you a glimpse of the world’s oldest culture without having to visit Cairo or Luxor and Aswan all the way in Egypt.

Manchester is host to Etihad stadium which is home to Manchester City’s team and Old Trafford which is the home ground of Manchester United. Both United and City are the city’s most prominent football clubs and are two of the most popular clubs around the world. They are eternal rivals and even more so now as City’s coach Pep Guardiola and United’s coach Jose Mourinho aren’t exactly known for being the best of friends. Both teams play twice a week throughout the football season so if you’re in Manchester and not a particular fan of either then you can watch both teams play within the same week during your visit. Personally I’d recommend visiting Old Trafford as it’s considered one of the most beautiful stadiums in the world and is even known among football fans as the Stadium of Dreams.

Culture, sightseeing, coffee, and some of the best football on the planet Manchester is definitely a must see. It is recommended that if you’re going to London to spend at least a few days in Manchester as well in order to add to your English experience and take in as much of it as possible.

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